Sunday, October 28, 2007

Abominable (2006)

Title: Abominable
Director: Ryan Schifrin
Writer: Ryan Schifrin
Starring: Jeffery Combs, Matt McCoy, Haley Joel, Karin Anna Cheung, Natalie Compagno, Michael Deak, Paul Gleason, Ashley Hartman, Rex Linn, Phil Morris, Tiffany Shepis, Chad Smith, Christien Tinsley, Dee Wallace-Stone, Lance Henriksen
Studio: Anchor Bay

Abominable is a low budget horror movie that is so bad it's good. I personally love to watch these types of pictures because it is great fun to laugh at it in all of it's low budget glory. And that is the only reason I would recommend this film to anyone.

Because this is a straight to DVD B-movie, it does have it's up sides. The monster is hilarious, the acting is bad (except for the main character), and the kills will have you rolling on the floor holding your stomach. Those might not sound like positive things, but trust me, if you are only looking for a good way to burn an hour and a half, then this entertaining movie will do the trick. There is a face biting scene that I laughed about hours after the movie was over.

The general plot has to do with a man who is going back to living in his cabin in the mountains after he lost his wife, as well as the use of his legs, in a mountain climbing accident. A group of girls rent the cabin across from him and he can only watch as this big hairy Sasquatch kills them one by one. He attempts to warn the police multiple times, but they don't believe him, so he plans to take on the monster himself. I must admit that for the low budget-ness of it all, the story isn't presented half bad. My favorite thing about this movie is how this man who is confined to a wheelchair can only watch through his binoculars as these girls are slaughtered, but he is helpless to do anything about it. It's reminiscent of Hitchcock's Rear Window.

Horror B-movie staple Lance Henriksen makes a great cameo as a fearless hunter who has heard the legend of the Sasquatch and has come up to the mountains because, as he says, he "likes to kill stuff."

This movie is not all bad, in fact it's quite good when you consider it for what it is, a fun way to kill some time. If it's on the Sci-Fi channel I suggest you give it a viewing, but don't waste your hard earned cash on a rental.

Favorite Quote:

Ziegler Dane: "Oh God, that is gross!"

RATING: 4/10

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