Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unrest (2006)

Title: Unrest
Director: Jason Todd Ipson
Writer: Jason Todd Ipson

Starring: Corri English, Scot Davis, Joshua Alba, Jay Jablonski, Marisa Petroro, Derrick O'Connor
Studio: Lionsgate

Unrest follows a first year medical student named Alison who is just beginning her Gross Anatomy class. She is paired up with three other students and they are introduced to their cadaver. Alison immediately senses something odd about the dead body. Soon people start coming up missing, and dying under strange circumstances. Alison is sure the corpse has something to do with it, so she researches where it came from, and how it arrived at the hospital. But can she put the enraged soul to rest before it's too late?

To tell you the truth, I really couldn't care less. This movie was OK, but I was never really scared, or in suspense. Everything that happened was predictable, there were no twists or really anything at all to keep me interested in the story. The one good thing this film has going for it is the amazing special effects work. The blood and gore are extremely realistic, but that wears thin pretty quickly when the narrative is seriously lacking. Unrest is not that bad of a film, but it just didn't offer up enough scares to be worth the hour and a half of my time I spent watching it.

Favorite Quote:

Alison Blanchard: "I think there's something wrong with my corpse."

RATING: 2/10

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