Saturday, November 3, 2007

Incident On And Off A Mountain Road (2005)

Title: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road
Director: Don Coscarelli
Writers: Don Coscarelli, Stephen Romano, Joe R. Lansdale
Starring: Bree Turner, Angus Scrimm, John Desantis, Ethan Embry, Heather Fenney
Studio: IDT Entertainment

Incident On And Off A Mountain Road is one of the episodes of Showtime's amazing series Masters of Horror. Being made for t.v. as an adaption of a Joe R. Lansdale short story, it clocks in at just under an hour. So, a full length feature film it is not, but it is still worth a viewing. The Masters of Horror series has produced a few gems (more reviews to follow), this being one of them.

The story opens on a dark mountain road, where a lone woman, who is running from her survival fanatic husband, crashes into a car stopped in the road. Her back story is told in a series of flashbacks, while the main story unfolds. Eventually both stories converge to create a very satisfying ending. After the accident the woman awakes in her car only to find the car she has hit is empty and a blood trail leading into the woods. She follows it asking if someone needs help. This is followed by the best introduction to a movie villain that I have ever seen. The rest of the movie follows the woman as she try's to escape this mad man. She uses the survival techniques taught to her by her husband to try and outsmart the killer, who's nickname is Moonface, due to his pale skin.

This movie does a great job of moving the story along with no downtime. I'm actually glad this film is only an hour long, because if it was a more lengthy effort it probably wouldn't have been as fun to watch. Overall this is a great little time killer if you don't have a full two hours to spend, plus the ending is to die for.

Favorite Quote:

Ellen: Hell of a night, huh Moonface?

RATING: 8/10

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